Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) assessments

We provide a comprehensive range of eye assessments, investigations, medical and surgical procedures using only the very latest in technology.

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Our surgery is sutureless small incision microsurgery using the very latest new laser lens calculators, lens design, aspheric intraocular lens implants, technology, equipment and techniques to aim and decrease astigmatism and tailor your outcome to suit your lifestyle needs.

The reason cataract surgery has become safer with better visual outcomes is due to the increased efficiency of the advanced phacoemulsification probes & the customizable computerized technology for every individual. It is essentially now keyhole surgery needing years of experience and meticulous attention to detail within a working space of only several millimetres. The corneal incision during the procedure is only 2.8 mm & excellent 3D microsurgical skills using state of the art technology is needed to ensure safety & to ensure the best refractive outcome is achieved.

Advanced Microincision Cataract surgery using individually customised lenses

We perform cosmetic and non cosmetic eyelid surgery. Including ptosis (droopy eyelid), entropian, ectropian repairs and blepharoplasty (removal of excess eyelid skin). We strive to listen to your personal needs & do our best to achieve what you want functionally and cosmetically.

Oculoplastic  Eye Lid Surgery

We have facilities to perform baseline 3D stereo colour images of your optic nerve as well as the very latest optical coherence tomography scans of your retinal nerve fibre layer as well as conventional visual field testing and corneal pachymetry. We will tailor your glaucoma treatment by providing an entire range of options from prescription  drops to laser treatments (SLT) & even end stage surgical filtration treatment (trabeculectomy).

The key to good glaucoma management lies in early detection of anatomical optic nerve change in order to slow progression to irreversible functional visual field loss.

Our practice has the scientifically proven latest cutting edge technology for glaucoma management  - a Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) machine.


Glaucoma specialist assessment, medical, surgical and laser treatment (SLT)

For the following :

Diabetes, macular degeneration, vascular & retinal diseases

We offer the very latest in 3D digital imaging of your eye. From colour photos to auto fluorescence to fluorescein angiography and ocular coherence tomography.  In many cases we can detect disease before you notice the affect on your vision. Early detection, investigation and treatment is the key to success in managing eye diseases.

We provide laser treatment for retinal diseases and treatment to slow progression of macular degeneration which currently includes intravitreal injections. We scientifically and objectively compare the digital imaging taken at your baseline visit with images taken at subsequent visits in order to monitor your response to treatment and provide a framework for us to tailor your treatment to aim to improve or  preserve your vision for as long as possible.

With the advance in computer scanning technology us ophthalmologists can now assess deeper layers of the retina that conventionally were not visible a decade ago with the slit lamp.

Retinal digital imaging, digital angiography, laser treatment & scans

We provide Orthoptist eye assessments for adult and paediatric squints. Our Orthoptist Cindy can assess double vision, colour vision, contrast sensitivity, ocular motility, refraction, stereopsis, amblyopia assessments and provide a management plan.

Cindy our orthoptist has excellent communication skills and is warm and has the expertise to assist Dr Nathan Sachdev in your eye diagnosis, assessment and management plan.

Cindy also assists in your cataract measurements (IOL) Intraocular lens master and preoperative workup and discussion as well as post operatively assisting Dr Nathan Sachdev. She also preforms testing for low vision care and driving assessments.

She is highly trained in using specialised technology to detect and measure the progression of eye disease – these include instruments such as ultrasonography machines, (A-scans, B-scans and pachymmeters), topogrophers (Ocular Coherence Tomographer (OCT), Orbscans), autorefraction, lensometer, automated Humphrey field analysis and high definition retinal cameras.

Orthoptist eye exams,  assessment and management

Dr Sachdev is officially a Designated Aviation Ophthalmologist (DAO) for CASA, the Australian Government Authority.


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